What are the uses of acrylic paint and latex paint for the home?

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Now that you’ve seen the difference between acrylic and latex paint, it’s easier to understand
their uses and applications, isn’t it? Let’s see in detail how they work in practice:
Acrylic paint
As you have seen, acrylic paint has acrylic resin in its formulation, which makes it waterproof.
Therefore, this is an option valid both for indoors and outdoors and also for wet areas of the
house, such as washrooms, bathrooms and kitchen.
For an even better result, it is recommended to check the type of finish offered by the paint.
He can be:
matte (less resistant to cleaning, but less highlighting imperfections on the wall);
satin (gives a thinner feel to the wall, with a soft shine and is very resistant to cleaning);
semi-gloss (highlights wall imperfections a little more).
latex paint
As latex paint is not waterproof, its use is indicated only for internal areas – except in the case
of that latex paint with different composition that we mentioned in the previous topic.
In addition to the interior walls, you can also use it to paint baseboards, handrails and
decorative objects, such as tables, chairs and others. As the matte finish is more discreet, you
will achieve a velvety appearance to your walls, in addition to avoiding the reflection of light,
which makes indoor environments more beautiful and cozy.