Servomotors are electrical machines that work with a command and receive a control signal that defines their movement and desired speed. Its monitoring is done by a device called Taco, Hall Effect Sensor, Encoder or Resolver. Servomotors are used in industry in general and their applications are more frequent in machines that perform precise and controlled movements. Maintenance on servomotors occurs with encoder positioning adjustments as well as general adjustments to prevent sudden stoppage of the motor. The electronic timing points are analyzed so that they work again perfectly and ensure accuracy.

This maintenance can take an important time of work, since it involves the analysis of all the points that need to be checked, as well as specialized professionals and technology leeson 120824.00 in the analyzes, therefore, it will not generate a stop in the machines and possible damages. The servomotors are applied in industrial machines that require speed control and positioning, so servomotors maintenance is essential for the proper functioning of the machines. Like preventive maintenance on electric motors, servo motor maintenance is effective in the industry to avoid failures and economic losses.