The color wheel is a tool that will help you choose and combine the most diverse colors of wall paint.

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Home Paints: Chromatic circle And we are not limited here to the combination of more than one type of paint. With this
technique it is also possible to harmonize the environment with the decorative objects in
complementary tones.
The traditional color circle consists of 12 colors and its function is to facilitate coordination
between them. The main relationships analyzed with the circle are:
The color wheel is a great tool to help with color composition
Complementary colors: are those that are opposite in the chromatic circle and that have
greater contrast. Therefore, one must always prevail over the other in spaces.
Analogous colors: are those that are side by side in the chromatic circle. They can be mixed
with neutral tones to soften their effect.
There are other types of color combinations that can be used in decorating environments, such
as: triangulation, rectangle, square and half complementary. These are excellent ways to use
more than two colors at the same time and harmonize them perfectly.