Italian restaurants in Milan and Modena

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Check here the list of the best restaurants in Milan and Modena and don’t miss these tips.

Il Luogo di Aimo and Nadia (B.G.)
The watchword here is modernity, both in decoration and dishes! In operation for 50 years,
the restaurant has already won two stars in the Michelin Guide, but has not lost its simplicity.
The owners are very friendly and the service is wonderful! The brightly colored paintings
contrast brilliantly with the white walls making it a unique place of its kind. The menu is varied
and the wine list leaves nothing to be desired! Important: reservation required! Where is it:
Via Privata Raimondo Montecuccoli, 6 – Milano.
Franciscan Osteria
Under the command of renowned chef Massimo Bottura, the restaurant has earned three
stars in the Michelin Guide thanks to its dishes (works of art!) That revisit the cuisine of the
Emilia Romagna region. Several times he won the award for best restaurant in the world !!!
With an elegant decoration, it offers service in English or Italian and the chef, when in the
restaurant, makes a point of greeting all customers and personally thanking everyone for their
presence. Important: reservation required! Where is it: Via Stella, 22 – Modena. Find out more
by clicking here!