Four colors of home paints

How to choose interior wall painting color Infinity Pro
Expressive Colors: strong shades of pink, red and lilac. This palette was inspired by the people
who made the transformation and female leadership. Expressive colors encourage creativity
and encourage self-confidence;
Colors to unite: neutral gray and brown tones. They reinforce the idea of social solidarity
driven by the pandemic. This palette promotes empathy, integration, communication and
connection between people. The colors to unite harmonize with natural materials, such as
copper, ceramics and marble;
Timeless Colors: yellow and ocher tones. They contrast between the classic and the
contemporary, bringing greater freedom in the composition with furniture. Timeless colors
work very well with crafts and natural materials;
Colors of the Planet: shades of blue, green and brown. They combine sustainability with the
desire to bring nature into internal spaces. The planet’s colors refer to simplicity, balance and
environmental responsibility.
The color of the year 2021 by Suvinil is Half-Light. The violet pink tone was inspired by the
sunset and its gradient shades. It brings us to the belief that better days will come and that we
must turn our dreams into reality. The last shade of the palette of roses, before reaching the
lilac, lives up to the changing characteristics of people.