Before choosing one, evaluate the credibility of the company, otherwise, the cheap can be expensive!

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Assessing who are the customers who already use the restaurant program you are
researching and knowing how they have been served makes a huge difference. It can help a lot
in the decision-making process.
If possible, pay a visit to establishments that are already customers. Ask, understand how they
are being served. Assess whether what has been promised is delivered and whether your
expectations are being met or exceeded.
The implantation is a very important point to consider. Many installations occur without the
proper preparation of your team to operate the new tool and, in the medium and long term,
conducting the new process becomes a painful task if you do not have adequate support. It is
very difficult to learn how to use a restaurant system just by reading the manual or using
multimedia resources such as videos.
Hours of training are required for your team to be familiar with the program purchased. Do not
believe in miracles at this time, to work, you need care and attention to training.